About Silverthorne


Cradled in the Blue River Valley, Silverthorne is the quintessential Colorado mountain town. We are situated amidst stunning scenery and populated by innovative, passionate residents whose tenacious spirit permeates our community. Opportunity abounds here.

From Silverthorne’s modest beginnings as a camp for workers building the Dillon Dam, to its modern role as the year-round heart of Summit County, our small mountain town’s progression tells the story of the modernizing intermountain west. After incorporating in 1967, Silverthorne evolved into a convenient refueling stop along Interstate 70 and then into its central role today as Summit County’s major retail destination. Discovered by entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as families and individuals seeking an authentic community, Silverthorne has become a magnet for the curious, the intrepid, and the entrepreneurial.

Today, Silverthorne is home to approximately 4,000 residents who are united by their love of the mountain lifestyle and the opportunity to build a future unlike any other available in the region. It is this energy that attracts countless visitors each year. Join us, and stay a while.

Info courtesy of Silverthorne.org